Livery Price List

Livery TypePrice
All liveryPlease call to discuss

Riding School Price List

Please note our Riding School Booking Conditions before booking a lesson, hack or any other riding school activity.

Adult Lessons

Lesson TypePrice
30 minute private lesson£40.00
45 minute private lesson£55.00
45 minute group lesson£40.00 per person

Childrens Lessons

Lesson TypePrice
30 minute private lesson£36.00
30 minute small group lesson£32.00 per person
45 minute group lesson£36.00 per person


1 Hour£55.00 per person (+ £12* permit per hack on Eynsham Estate)
2 Hours£75.00 per person (+ £12* permit per hack on Eynsham Estate)

*Alternatively an annual permit for hacking on the Eynsham Estate can be purchased for £120 paid directly to Eynsham Park.

Pony Club Price List

Pony Club Day£90
Pony Club Week (4 days)£360

Please note our Pony Club Booking Conditions before booking any Pony Club activity.

Pony Club is a great way to start learning and caring for a pony and Pigeon House is a Pony Club centre. Our Pony Club days are run throughout half term and summer holidays, Tuesday-Friday starting at 10.00am-10.30am depending on the time of year and finishing at 4.00pm.

Upon arrival there is a quick chat about where everything is, checking everyone is feeling ok, etc and an introduction to the staff. The ratio is 6 children to 3-4 staff. Each child is allocated a pony for the day/week and some days they ask to swap. They learn to groom and tack up the pony and we ride for approximately 3 hours a day. You provide packed lunch which we all eat together either in the office or on the picnic bench. We do Pony Club achievement badge work. In the summer we like them to do project work ie types of rugs, bridles and saddles or breed of horses and the children make collages to put on my office wall or take home. These days are very hands on and interactive.

To take part in our Pony Club days/weeks chldren need to be a Pony Club member (2021 price £36 per annum). A Pony Club Centre membership application form can be downloaded here.

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